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Sierra Cloud

Sierra Cloud is an emerging, scalable startup providing digital and cloud platform services, headquartered in Australia. We are committed to transforming customer and employee experience with our innovative, differentiated and tailormade solutions leveraging best in class cloud and data platforms like Salesforce, Mulesoft, Slack, Conga. Our company enables businesses to grow into an Intuitive Enterprise connecting their customers, employees and partners. Through our services, we enable clients to unlock the true potential of their digital transformation and reach their peak.

“NON IO MA NOI”, translated from Italian means “NOT I BUT WE”. This picture was taken by one of our Co-founders on their recent trip. It encapsulates the essence of what the Ohana means for Sierra Cloud. This has been foundational pillars of Sierra Cloud -creating a sustainable and innovative business model that enables all stakeholders - customers, employees, partners and communities - to reach their peak (#ReachYourPeak). It is about bringing people, organisations and communities with shared interests and values like ourselves and building an equitable, collaborative platform for all of us to grow and excel. Through our partnerships with product companies like Cloud Sloka, we aim to make scalable, cost effective digital solutions accessible for businesses impacted during these turbulent times to adapt to new ways of working.

Despite being a start-up, we are consistently looking for opportunities to partner and collaborate with local organisations, governments and small businesses while creating impactful outcomes for communities.

Some of our recent engagements have included encouraging and supporting local initiatives in India for making carbon free environment in collaboration with Rajasthan Government, empowering skilled youths from different villages of Rajasthan to come in front and showcase their skills and talents in different fields like sports, technology etc.

We created our motto #ReachYourPeak to empower our Ohana to achieve their highest potential. Every team member at Sierra Cloud, from its founding members to its youngest consultants is encouraged to play full-out, challenge themselves, step out of their comfort zones, make mistakes, learn and grow from these experiences; becoming true trailblazers that will fuel the growth of our organisation and hence the community. WIT Dreamin’ is one such opportunity to provide a platform for our India team to step outside their comfort zone and expand their boundaries. It is also important for a growing startup like ours to continue building valuable relationships, recognise and connect with the community and its members. So don’t forget to check out our WIT team at the demo jam and we welcome attendees @ WITDreamin’ to engage with our team at our Booth and get to know us more.

With Sierra Cloud, we set out to create something unique that will challenge the status quo of the services business. Looking at the challenges of the highly VUCA world and how everyone is striving to reach the top, you have to aim for the peak. To reach that peak we have to work hard, work smart and work differently. And so we created Sierra Cloud with the vision to become the #1 Trusted Partner for Innovation whilst daring to be different, driven by values and culture.

Having more than 20 years of IT experience, the founders have set up multiple IT Consulting practices for large GSIs. And with over 15 years in the Salesforce ecosystem, delivering both small and large scale digital and transformation projects, our team of consultants have taken great strides in helping our customers transform. Our biggest differentiator is our ability to run a fast-paced, tight ship backed with the experience of running a scalable business model and ready for hyper-growth.

We have a broad array of customer experiences across multiple domains and industries including Telecom, Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Higher Education and Government agencies. We provide implementation services across Salesforce, Industry Clouds, MuleSoft platforms and other cloud technologies. Through our end to end services portfolio from Strategy & Digital Design to Implementation & Integration to Thrive; we help to accelerate businesses, streamlining operations with effective use of their Salesforce and surrounding technology stack.

Our evolving culture is something that we are most excited about. We strongly believe that our employees are the core of our business, and nurturing our core TEAM culture - TRUST to create thriving relationships with customers, partners and employes, ELEVATE our experiences through holistic growth, ASSIST & MOTIVATE each other to align

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