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NTT DATA: A leader in inclusivity and technological excellence

At NTT DATA, technology is just one facet of our expertise. While we’re recognized for our technology solutions, we also have a longstanding dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion. Everyone who joins us contributes to a culture where diversity is valued and respect is paramount. Regardless of their background or identity, our team members find an environment that promotes career advancement while providing a work-life balance. Diversity of thought is at the heart of every innovation, project and success story at NTT DATA.

Strides in gender balance

In 2022, our vigorous pursuits in DEI bore fruit in numerous ways. We witnessed an increase in gender balance globally and shifted our focus toward nurturing that balance within our middle management. This move aims to foster an environment where gender balance at senior levels is a natural progression. Globally, women make up 36.5% of our workforce, with 41% participating in our leadership development programs. Within the United States, our commitment to diversity stands even stronger, with 48% identifying as a Person of Color.

Initiatives for inclusivity

We understand the unique challenges faced by professionals seeking to re-enter the workforce after significant career breaks. Recognizing these barriers, we launched the Career 2.0 initiative — a program that provides a pathway for many professionals — to aid them in restarting their careers. Alongside that is the Elevate program. Designed to mentor and empower women, it helps them hone their skills and positions them for more senior roles. We introduced flexible work schedules to help all employees maintain a better work-life balance.

Learning and growth

Continuous education is crucial to NTT DATA's culture. Our Inclusion Intelligence Certification Program is a prime example of how we’re educating our workforce on the nuances of an inclusive workplace. We've seen a synergy between our DEI Council, DEI Champions and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Together, they’re the driving force behind our DEI strategy and initiatives. Currently, 8.5% of our global workforce is actively involved in at least one ERG. Our employee engagement initiatives, such as the Unplugged and Stronger You programs, give our employees a 360-degree development and awareness perspective.

Technological excellence

With technology services in over 80 countries, NTT DATA's global presence is significant. We’ve established six Innovation Centers worldwide to focus on emerging technologies that could become mainstream within five to 10 years. Aligning with renowned events and series like open-wheel racing’s NTT INDYCAR SERIES, The Open golf tournament and cycling’s Tour de France showcases our technology prowess in diverse arenas.

Our unwavering 20-year partnership with Salesforce and a team of more than 3,950 practitioners reflects our dedication to solving complex business challenges. We provide over 9,050 Salesforce and Mulesoft certifications to our team members for training.

At NTT DATA, as an innovator, we not only provide resources for personal and professional growth but also make sure our impact in the world is tangible. About author Shalini Kumar serves as the Vice President of Project and Application Services in the India delivery team at NTT DATA. In her role, she manages Global Application Delivery for the U.S. Healthcare Provider business. With more than two decades of industry experience, she leads and mentors a team of highly skilled technology enthusiasts and domain specialists, providing leading-edge solutions to clients worldwide.

Shalini has played an instrumental role in contributing to the diversity and inclusion portfolio and is also the diversity champion in India. She's been responsible for fostering the growth of diverse talent within the organization, supporting equitable opportunities and promoting an inclusive culture.

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