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Women in Technology

The technology industry—or at least its biggest players—are making a gradual but consistent progress in shrinking their gender gap. According to Deloitte’s estimates, the overall share of women in technical roles has grown by 11.7% between 2019 and 2022 (even faster growth - of almost 20% seen in the proportion of women in tech leadership.)

Many large tech companies have publicly announced that they will improve gender diversity, including increasing the number of women in their technical and leadership ranks. HP, for example, has pledged to reach 50% gender equality in roles at the director level and above by 2030, and to meet or surpass labor market representation for racial/ethnic minorities. Intel aims to double the number of women and underrepresented minorities in senior leadership roles by 2030.

Looking at the achievements of women in technology, mention may be made of women leaders in big technology companies like Salesforce, Google, and YouTube. (All the information has been taken from the public domain.)

Further, we will be talking about women in technology who are working in CriticalRiver or our clients.

Awarded the certification of Best Company for Diversity in 2021, CriticalRiver has always encouraged its women employees to take up tasks that require creative and technical skills for success.

CriticalRiver's technically adept women solution architects to build a robust, scalable donor management system using Salesforce NPSP (Non-profit Success Pack) that comprehensively integrated the end-to-end process of fundraising activities and donor management on a single, unified platform. The outcome is perceptibly enriched digital experience for all their internal and external stakeholders. (Can describe the project in further details in the actual blog).

CriticalRiver also feels privileged on partnering with companies led by women who have proven their excellence in technology fields. When we implemented Channel Revenue Management solution for a company called Milgard Windows and Doors, we saw how women are incorporating tech-oriented solutions into fields such as accounting and financial planning that have been dominated by traditional processes for decades.

One of the shining examples of women’s role in tech was how our team managed a project for Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) Pilani and its non-profit organization BITSAA (BITS Pilani Alumni Association). The teams needed a unified, automated system to manage the details of alumni, donors, and donations on a single platform with real-time updates, data security, marketing automation and efficient coordination.

As digitalization continues to transform industries, the contribution of women in using tech tools to streamline this process for their teams is indeed praiseworthy.

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