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Achieving Technological Inclusivity in Digital World

As all organizations and startups stand behind digitalization and technology, it is essential to acknowledge some facts about women in technology. Only about 7% of investor money goes to women-led startups. And only 11% of Silicon Valley executives are women.

One of the main challenges faced by women in technology is the lack of role models. Even though many lead organizations have announced initiatives that include more diversity and equality in the workspace, we still have a lot to work on.

saasguru's dedication to creating an inclusive digital world drove the company to seek multiple approaches, and one of these was providing free tests so learners could gauge their knowledge level. Proving its commitment to making sure the content it provides is accessible to all, saasguru also employs cert readiness scores so learners can take corrective actions -it isn't all about studying when you're preparing for certification! We are a community of learners, gurus, and employers, all coming together to support each other.

Knowing that not every woman or working professional has unlimited time to go after necessary skills, the platform made sure its training programs prepare individuals for placements in a shorter span - saasguru Bootcamps.

Bootcamps aren't just about getting certifications - they offer platforms where learners engage with mentors and fellow students and work on their own projects.

Through gamified learning, mentorship programs, and micro-learning modules - saasguru creates online marketplaces for company skill sets necessary for software industry certifications.

As another pillar of support during this process, saasguru's Slack Community acts as guidance for each individual learner, where anyone can ask questions and help others, ensuring there are always role models for everyone in the community.

And thanks to a specially designed mobile application, learners never miss out on important updates ever again; breaking boundaries while changing mindsets and practicing new solutions.

The platform is a family of 50,000 learners who have contributed over 3 million collective hours of educational time spanning across 30 different countries. saasguru also has 100+ Gurus who stand behind them while they grow fast as they partner up with 35+ hiring partners worldwide. Hence, saasguru is here to solve the cloud skills crisis by making it easier for everyone to obtain certifications through the platform.

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