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5 Ways Copado Maximizes Salesforce ROI


“By 2024, 75% of enterprise software solutions will be built with low-code cloud platforms.” -Gartner

Today's digital-first economy is driven by agile low-code cloud platforms. To take advantage of these new platforms, companies need to find new ways to work together. Agile development is the #1 way to accelerate time to value. But it’s no secret that Salesforce deployments can be difficult — especially with disconnected teams who struggle with deployments, technical complexity and team coordination.

That’s why hybrid teams that blend technical knowledge and business subject matter expertise are so important. The Salesforce delivery teams of the future collaborate closely to ensure speed, quality, security, and governance — while delivering amazing digital-first customer experiences.

Copado is redefining Salesforce software development to be quality-driven so you can deliver features with quality at speed. We provide a comprehensive solution across technology, people and processes to help teams master every step to Salesforce DevOps success. Customers who embrace this new approach deliver value to their business twice as fast — with half the risk. Let’s explore five ways Copado maximizes the ROI of Salesforce.

#1 Consolidate Tooling: 307% Increase in ROI

The Copado DevOps Platform is built natively on Salesforce and unifies all aspects of software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) management — including agile planning, continuous integration, continuous delivery, testing, security, compliance, monitoring and value stream management. Copado also provides a rich set of integrations and extensions so you can leverage your existing dev tool chain investments.

In 2021, Forrester Consulting measured the Total Economic Impact of Copado by interviewing Copado customers in several industry verticals. Forrester found that Copado pays for itself in less than six months. Within a year, these cost savings climb to 307% ROI.

Rather than invest in multiple siloed dev tools that each require their own training and implementation, Copado provides one strategic platform with a robust set of tooling and extension capabilities. Copado is also the only Salesforce DevOps Platform listed on the FedRamp marketplace — which means we meet the US Federal Government’s stringent security and compliance standards.

#2 Accelerate Time To Value: 20X Shorter Delivery Time

The faster your Salesforce software delivery team can safely implement changes and new features, the faster you can deliver value to your business. The Copado DevOps Platform optimizes end-to-end Salesforce delivery for 1200+ global enterprises — helping them reduce the time it takes to deliver features by up to 20X.

For example, Baptist Health cut release time by 70% with Copado to accelerate business value to their call centers, billing teams and patient services.

Copado reduces lead time (time to release a feature after it has been developed) and accelerates deployment frequency (how frequently deployments are made to production orgs). Both of these metrics are key performance indicators of agile software development and they directly impact time-to-value for Salesforce applications. In this year’s State of Salesforce DevOps Report we found that Copado customers release software 25% more frequently than non-customers.

Copado is the first and only CI/CD pipeline to fully integrate AI-Driven Robotic Testing into every branch of code you deploy. This allows you to simultaneously accelerate deployment frequency and decrease deployment size. When you release fewer features at once, it’s easier to validate tests and troubleshoot errors that may make it into production.

#3 Increase Stability: 95% Reduction in Downtime

Shorter lead times are only better if you're not shortchanging quality. Change fail rates are defined as business-disrupting failures introduced to production by deployments. Teams with high change fail rates face considerable risk — and applications built on Salesforce are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Rigorous, integrated and automated testing has not yet become commonplace. 84% of Salesforce teams report they are still relying on manual testing and most Salesforce teams lack the resources to test every change before deployment to production. But manual testing comes with a downside: Costly mistakes tend to creep in. Software development research has confirmed that finding quality issues in production is 640X more expensive than catching them early on.

Copado’s customers benefit from up to a 95% reduction in downtime. And the State of Salesforce DevOps Report confirms that these customers recover 60% faster when downtime does occur. Copado Robotic Testing empowers both business and technical testers to replace tedious and error-prone regression testing with continuous test automation that provides protection 24/7.

#4 Collaborate as a Team: 30% Productivity Savings

Professional developers can be expensive to recruit and retain. Plus, working directly in Git with pro-code tools like Jenkins has proven to be very costly and unreliable, since these tools aren’t built to handle the unique challenges of Salesforce metadata. In contrast, Copado is a native end-to-end DevOps platform for Salesforce that democratizes development, breaks down silos and improves collaboration across both professional and declarative development teams. DevOps is a team sport — and Copado makes collaboration fun and easy.

User-story based deployments give delivery teams end-to-end visibility, traceability and auditability directly in Copado. Multiple dev teams can collaborate and move changes through one or multiple pipelines. Common DevOps tasks can be easily automated with pre-built actions and templates to improve developer productivity by 30% or more.

Enabling your teams to leverage the power of automation means they can focus on business-critical deliverables versus mundane, repetitive administrative tasks. It’s considered a waste of time to do repetitive work when you could automate. That’s why Copado has AI-powered capabilities to support test authoring and self-healing tests that let you keep up with changes instead of stressing out about them. This empowers your team to focus on things that matter and alleviates the time and headaches that come with maintenance. It also improves team morale by enabling collaborative work on a single platform.

“Copado brought a huge change for us. The team is fully aligned, the final sign off happens during the sprint cycle and we are able to hit our milestones like clockwork. Every two weeks is a release for us now, whereas before it was just a goal.”

— Rachel Zamora, Salesforce Admin, Macmillan Learning

#5 Partner for Customer Success: 60k Community Members

Your digital transformation journey isn’t just about technology — it’s also about your people and your process. Copado helps dev teams become market leaders through the world’s largest DevOps Community (nearly 60,000 members!), professional services and a dedicated customer success team.We are here to not only help you use Copado but to also help your organization embrace agile software development.The transformation of your development processes is core to your digital transformation.Copado provides not just the technology but the best practices and assistance to help you achieve your goals. Our customer success team will support your DevOps maturity journey and help you incrementally develop your people, processes and technology.

"The Copado Mentorship Program was instrumental in initially focusing my learning on how to use Copado. This subsequently led to becoming more familiar with the processes and features Copado offers to automate tasks and speed up delivery."

— James Wrobel, Senior CRM Engineer at Cancer Research UK

What’s Next?

In today’s innovation economy, you simply can’t build a digital-first business without Salesforce. Copado is the #1 DevOps platform for Salesforce, and we’d love to join forces with you to grow revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk. Would you like to schedule a demo? Let’s supercharge your Salesforce ROI and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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